CV Library has looked at some of the trends identified by UK workers last year to help shape their view on some 2018 talent predictions.  They cover everything from work life balance to diversity but there is in my view a common theme which reflects a job seeker weighted market where they want more flexibility, perks and freedom of choice.

The more strategic issue behind this is whether organisations are staying on top of how generational and digital influences are effecting job-seeker behaviour and adjusting their their ideas and policies to build reputation and employer brand as a forward looking employer?

There has been a lot of attention in recent years on the Employer Brand, whilst an EVP is developed using insight and research often gleaned from what employees believe, the focus of the outputs is typically towards the external talent market. Looking into 2018 at TMP we see employer brand becoming  something that is developed more from within an organisation and a shifting focus towards employee advocacy and reputation.

We will be conducting a panel interview based webinar with some of the UK's leading talent specialists in early February to explore this area of reputation and advocacy further, please join us if this is of interest. Details will be published on our website soon.